Has Sam Frost sold out?

Last night Sam Frost was grilled by the families of her four remaining suitors. One crucial question, however, was not answered… after what happened on The Bachelor, why the hell did she sign up for The Bachelorette?

I wanted to hear one of the Mum’s say ‘so let me get this straight, you were proposed to and then dumped on a reality TV show, humiliated in front of a massive TV audience and you decided your best course of action was to go straight back on the same TV show to find love?’

Sam has disappointed as The Bachelorette. I expected her to be different. I expected her to call upon her unique insight into the humilation that unrequited love on national TV can cause. I expected her to treat her potential suitors with more care… Instead, last night I watched her play tonsil hockey with Michael and Sasha in the same episode and tell each she could imagine her life with them.

Let’s not forget all the reasons we loved Sam when she first appeared on The Bachelor. She was humble, she was genuine, she was honest. By the time the series ended, frankly, Blake Garvey was the only person in Australia who wasn’t in love with her. But now she’s become just another reality TV show cyborg.

Just like every series before, the only way to survive an episode of this season of The Bachelorette with Sam Frost is to ‘open up’ and show her your true feelings (the exact same thing that led to Sam getting heart broken by Blake). Why can’t the guys just play it cool and Sam can decide for herself which one she likes best? Why does she require constant, embarrassing declarations of love? I fear Michael is dangerously close to writing Sam’s name on his pencil case.

I know I shouldn’t over analyse the Bachelorette. Those that watch the show are invariably more invested than the contestants themselves but Sam’s experience on The Bachelor surely taught her one thing – You don’t find love on a reality TV show… So why is she really doing The Bachelorette?

Have you fallen out of love with Sam Frost as The Bachelorette? Leave a comment below…

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