Down, down, standards are down

X Factor winner, Samantha Jade’s ‘Cheap, Cheap’ Woolies commercial is just horrible to watch. I preface this saying I auditioned for a Cash Converters commercial myself last week so I’m standing on very shaky artistic high ground. While I admire the conviction with which she delivers those crude lyrics, there must have been a point during the making of these ads where she thought to herself ‘what am I doing’? Maybe around the time she got to the lyrics that read ‘the word on the street is Woolworths prices are Cheap, Cheap, cheap’…

People hate it but will they hold it against her?

What about Status Quo, and their Coles commissioned re imagining of ‘Down, Down, Deeper and Down’? Are you less likely to now go and see Status Quo in concert because their Coles ad is so infuriating ? I suspect the answer is you didn’t even know who they were before the Coles ad which probably informed the band’s decision to take the gig in the first place. All they really had to lose was their dignity (which I can confirm is now gone).

These types of embarrassing commercials (while effective for Coles and Woolies) are the realisation of a fear every artist has who agrees to do a commercial has: what if it’s lame and cringeworthy?!

I have a theatre mate, Pete who got a part in a commercial six months ago for a health insurance company. A few thousand dollars – how can you say no? Then, for reasons unknown, it never went to air! He was beside himself. This is the holy grail for actors who do commercials. All the financial security of doing a commercial and none of the potential for public embarrassment.

I only hope I can be this lucky if I get offered the part in the Cash Converters ad. If not, I’ll just do it anyway and pray none of my friends see it.

How do you feel about Status Quo and Samantha Jade now? Leave a comment below…


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