How to sew a top in a week

Is it possible to sew a top in a week?

My question is not whether it’s possible for a human to do this.  Obviously, it is. I mean a decent seamstress / sewist could probably knock one up in less than an hour. But can I?

Seems easy enough

To give you some background, I have a sewing machine (it’s old but it works). I possess most of the requisite skills to sew a basic top. I like sewing. I’ve had lessons. I have fabric. I have the desire to sew, the pattern, the paraphernalia.  I don’t have that much time but who does, right? I work outside the house, I have two small children who need me to yell at when I serve them meals they detest or to look for things they were holding two minutes ago but are now lost. LOST! LOST!!!

Oh now I get it…

But they do sleep so there’s time after they go to bed and before I do. Herein lies the problem. That time is usually when I faff about, stare into the fridge, fold clothes that have been sitting on the couch for a while and may or may not be dirty again, watch Sophie Monk’s eyelashes, look at Facebook, feel guilty about stuff I haven’t done but by this stage can’t be bothered doing until I fall into a heap somewhere and wake up confused at 2am.

These are the days of my life

It’s sort of like being a character on a very low budget soap opera where I stare into the middle distance and say to no one ‘tonight will be the night my friends, I can give you my word, I will work on something that is important, something that brings me joy… Mark my words I will create, I will bring something to life, yes yes I will!’ Enter husband from stage right ‘What was that?’ Me: ‘What? Oh nothing, what are you watching? Is that ice cream? Yum!’

Oh, I may have underestimated the scale of the problem

Why do I watch YouTube videos of other people sewing? Could this be the same reason my kid likes to watch videos of other kids playing with toys? Can I possibly change? Can I do the thing I want to do rather than thinking, planning, watching or writing about it? This week I hope the answer is yes. I’m giving myself Sunday to Sunday which is a little generous I know but I might need to factor in some time to show you what I’ve done / panic and try and do everything next Sunday.

My goal

OK it’s out there; my top goal. It’s not exactly lofty but for me, it’ll be a challenge. I think it’ll be tough because it’s for me. It’s much easier to stay up sewing if it’s Christmas Bunting or a Spiderman cape. It’s trickier when it feels ‘selfish’ and no one cares if I have a new hand-made top or one from Kmart.

There’s hope for me yet

Irrespective of all that; I care. I’d like to do more of the things that bring me joy and fewer things that I do out of habit or laziness or because I fail to imagine a different way of doing things. And given Jeff and I have been banging on about how we’ve stopped procrastinating, I guess I better hope there’s a new top on my body by Sunday!


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