Shoes without socks

You wouldn’t want to own shares in socks right now would you? You know… socks? Those cotton things we used to wear on our feet? They used to be quite highly regarded. People used to say ‘pull your socks up’ as though it was something to aspire towards.

I wore my first pair of socks at primary school – with sandals! At High School I had long grey socks which I pulled up to my knees. I had to, the School Prefects used to stand outside the front gate and refuse to let you in unless your socks were fully extended.

Yep. It was all about the socks.

On weekends, I had another pair of socks. Beauties, they were, white Converse ones, which I pulled up to mid calf height and wore with my Reebok sneakers. It was all part of my relentless quest to look like an NBA basketballer when I was 13. I also asked my local barber Wayne for a flat top with limited success… He did his best to be fair but when you don’t have afro hair to begin with, strong hold gel and a Dominique Wilkins basketball card will only get you so far.

Shoes without socks

Now no one is wearing socks. At all! Not with sneakers, not with loafers, not even with boots! How can we? They don’t fit with our new elasticised jean aesthetic. Our jeans taper in at the ankle now making us look summery and spontaneous. Socks would just ruin that vibe.

At Flemington this week, male celebrities have reportedly been getting turned away from the birdcage for not wearing socks with their suits. (I know, there’s a dress code at the horse races?!) But what guy is going to be caught dead wearing socks in 2016? Even with a suit and leather shoes. Don’t make them put socks on. They’re trying to cultivate an earthy and non chalant vibe. Maybe their feet stink but they’re on trend dammit!

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