2001: A Smart Fridge Odyssey

I went for a run this morning. The details are logged on my smart watch; distance, calories burned, even my cadence. Cadence is the number of steps you take on one foot per minute whilst running – I looked it up on my smart phone last night. Really, how good is smart technology?

The next item I have to get is the smart fridge which Microsoft and Liebherr are currently designing. In the past, all I wanted from my fridge was an ice dispenser but the smart fridge promises much more. It’s going to be internet compliant. It will be able to identify foods inside your fridge with it’s specially fitted cameras. It will even speak to you via a voice module.

Sounds promising… especially for someone who has always relied on his Mum to negotiate fridge related dramas. It’s so comforting to know that she’s just a phone call away when I have a fridge related question like ‘oh my gawd, I just drank a big M that was 3 days out of date. What do I do?’ Or ‘I have a steak in my fridge that I bought last sunday. Can I still eat it?’ The coders are going to have their work cut out coming up with an algorhythym that substitutes for my Mum’s counsel on such complex matters.

Here is a dramatisation of how life with a Smart Fridge might unfold…

Yeah, this Smart Fridge will have to be pretty smart… but how much will the cameras monitor exactly? Will it count calories? Will it keep tabs on what I eat and when? I’m an emotional eater – will the Smart Fridge know when I’m upset? It’s not going to close the pod bay doors when I get up in the middle of the night and want to eat a slice of cold pizza is it? Oh god, I hope it’s fitted with a a manual over ride button. I’ve seen 2001: Space Odyssey!

What scares you about the smart fridge? Leave a comment below…

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