Is this the most narcissistic christmas present ever?

Is this the most narcissistic childrens gift you’ve ever seen or am I a kill joy?

I’ve been patrolling the toy department looking for a present for my niece with the theatrical streak. She recently wrote and directed the entire family in a play about a cat burglar named Robbo (a robber). On the face of it, Spin To Sing looked like the perfect gift for her until I looked a little closer…

The game centers around a mic stand which has a small microphone on one end and a smart phone on the other (see photo). Once you’ve downloaded the app it ‘takes selfies as you perform’. Then at the end, ‘the winner is awarded with a winners journey photo slideshow of all the best bits from their performances’.

What for? I never played Yahtzee with a selfie stick. No one ever asked to see my monopoly montage. It’s a game. Can’t you just play it without ogling yourself?

I realise I’m more narcissistic than most (with around 300 videos on my youtube channel now) but this singing game looks suspiciously like a beginners guide to plastering yourself on social media. Surely there’s plenty of time for that, she isn’t even a teenager yet.

What do you think? Irresponsible gift or overreaction? Leave a comment below…


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