The Footy Exorcist

For some time now I’ve flirted with the idea of renouncing my support of the Tigers and following another team. To a person, I have been roundly condemned and reached the conclusion that there’s no way out. On Sat night, I chatted with Wal, my most loyal Richmond compadre and moral compass about some hypothetical circumstances in which changing teams would be acceptable and there were none.

‘What if the team show no improvement for an extended period of time? Can I changes teams then?’ No. ‘What if they play like they don’t care?’ No. ‘If they cheat?’ No, that’s when you have to stick fat. ‘Tyrone Vickery?’

So it seems I’m stuck in this inescapable misery that is supporting the Tigers. Even when I do try to distance myself, I can’t help but get lured back in when Jack kicks a bag full or Dusty has 40 disposals. I can’t not care. There is no way out.

Imagine if you can, other team’s supporters, what it has been like to be a Tigers fan over the last 30+ years. How would you have coped when Cotchin kicked into the wind in that Elimination final? Would you have been able to resist hocking a loogie at Danny Frawley? Could you have coped when we selected Tambling at 4 in the 2004 draft? It’s a frightening thought isn’t it.

If you woke up possessed one day and thought you were a Richmond supporter would you want The Footy Exorcist to pay you a visit? Richmond supporters – do you want his contact details? Leave a comment below…

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