What is the stuff on afl players shorts?

I noticed an unusual goal kicking routine on Saturday in the Bulldogs v Kangaroos game. Shaun Higgins went back to take a set shot from outside fifty and very deliberately wiped his hands across an orange splotch on his shorts. What is it?

I’ve canvassed my mates and the most popular theory is that it’s some sort of resin compound to help grip the football. Like how the weightlifters rub their hands in chalk before they attempt a big lift or Ivan Lendl’s famous pocket full of saw dust.

I’m not sold on this theory though. Higgins was kicking for goal and if we learnt anything from Gary Ablett Snr it’s that grip is only useful for marking the ball, not dropping it onto your foot. This is why he used to take the glove off and stick it down his dacks when he had a set shot.

One of my mates is convinced it’s Vicks Vapour Rub, citing several current English Premier League players who smear it across the front of their jumpers. I hastened to point out to him that the winters are a lot colder in England though and EPL players already have an unhealthy obsession clear nasal passages. How else do you explain Robbie Fowler playing in that ridiculous nose plug during the 90s?

Do you have a theory? What is the orange splotch on Sean Higgins shorts about? Leave a comment below…

[photo: AFL, Fox Footy Channel]

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