The TAC commercial we need to see

Sneaky smartphone use whilst driving has reached epidemic proportions. Hard statistics may not exist to support my claim because sneaky smartphone users are by their very nature… sneaky but if you drive a car, you know it to be true.

On a 30 minute drive from Cheltenham to Hawthorn last night I counted 9 different occasions where I noticed a driver alongside me sneakily operating their smartphones whilst driving. Some were polite enough to wait until they were stationary at the traffic lights before scrolling through their Intagram feed. Others were sneakily swiping left or right on Tinder while their car was in motion. One bloke was so bold as to have his Samsung Galaxy permanently balanced on his dashboard in front of the speedometer whilst he fanged it down Warrigal road. (I suspect he was more interested in harvesting his Smurf Village crops than monitoring his speed).

The way we drive has changed. Green light no longer means go at an intersection. Now it means wait until the person in front of you has noticed that cars are passing them on either side and then go. If the TAC are serious about protecting us from the dangers of sneaky smartphone users on our roads, why haven’t we seen a ‘If you play Mad Skills Motorcross 2 and drive, you’re a bloody idiot’ TAC commercial yet? The message about not drinking and driving has been hammered home loud and clear but where’s the ‘tend to your Smurf Village crops before you leave and arrive alive’ billboard?

The 4 TAC commercials we need to see:

1. Harvest your Smurf Village crops before you leave and arrive alive

2. If you play Mad Skills Motorcross 2 and drive, you’re out of your mind

3. If you scroll and roll, you’re bloody idiot

4. Swipe left, swipe right, swipe bike!

I’m not trying to shame sneaky Road Smartphone users. Probably everyone reading this has found reason to do it themselves at some point. I’m just saying it’s getting dangerous it’s not going to end well. We either need a new TAC commercial or the Google driverless car to save us from ourselves.

What TAC slogan would you like to see to discourage Smart Phone use on the roads? Leave a comment below…


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