VIDEO: Housewifery Handbook from 1952

What can we learn from a Housewifery Handbook published in 1952? We decided to get together for a coffee at Dear Abbey today and find out…

Without going into too much detail (unlike the book which has a whole chapter devoted to dust) let’s just say it’s a comprehensive guide to running a clean and efficient house.

If you’re interested in learning how to set a ‘breakfast table’, for example, The Student’s Handbook Of Housewifery is the book for you. Frankly, we were shocked that people actually used to get up and cook a meal for breakfast, let alone set a table. Reference is also made to a ‘breakfast gong’ which was designed to sound minutes before breakfast was served.

The Student’s Handbook Of Housewifery makes you appreciate how far women’s rights have come and how much better appliances have gotten.

Which parts of ‘housewifery’ are you glad got left in the 1950’s? Leave a comment below…


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