Hash It Out Podcast: what is rose sauce Adelaide?

Jeff is back from a trip to a fancy Adelaide restaurant where the serve ‘Millionaire Pizza’ (it has crab meat on it) and pasta with ‘Rose Sauce’. What is Rose Sauce.? Rose sauce has another name everywhere else. It’s cocktail sauce!

Ding Dong’s auction

Denise Drysdale has declared she is selling all her worldly possessions to live a simpler life. She says ‘you don’t need much, you only need two pairs of knickers, two bras and some flannelette pyjamas. We had a look at all of the other items up for grabs at her memorabilia auction this weekend (including an old sex tape with Ernie Sigley).

Dancing With The Stars Parody

Jeff has rewritten lyrics for Dancing With The Stars 2014 commercial that more accurately reflects the show.

Do you give undies to the op shop

Where do you stand on this most important topic? Leave us a comment below. Jeff has some old pairs of MacPherson For Men boxer briefs he thinks are too good for the rag bag but Kate says nobody buys undies from the Op Shop

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