Which TV detective could clear Steven Avery?

Thanks to the success of Making A Murderer, Steven Avery now has the world’s best lawyers working to clear his name (as well as the world’s worst lawyer – himself in the prison library). But still no breakthrough! TV detectives are so much more efficient. Which of the names mentioned below do you think would be best placed to find Teresa Halbach’s real killer?

Murder she wroteMurder She Wrote

Jessica Fletcher had great instincts and, like Steven, a huge extended family who always seemed to get into trouble. Also, like Steven, she usually begins each episode discovering someone has been killed shortly before her arrival. Fletcher brings an inquisitive mind (and a fabulous upbeat theme tune).

scooby dooScooby Doo

Let’s be honest, the team at Mystery Inc. don’t have the technology to carry out crucial DNA testing but Scooby does have a happy knack of stumbling onto evidence. If you let him run around the Avery car yard for a couple of hours, I guarantee he’d turn something up. Also, there would be no more satisfying way to conclude this case than having Velma Dinkley pull a Mike Halbach mask off James Lenk just in time to hear him say  ‘I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids’.

CSI: MIAMIDavid Caruso from CSI Miami

This would be a fly in/ fly out mission for Horatio. I’m not sure the Manitowoc winter would agree with him. But he’d only need enough time to shine a UV light around in Steven Avery’s bedroom and do a pensive look to camera before heading back to Miami to use the full resources of the CSI team to find that EDTA from Avery’s blood sample.

blue heelersBlue Heelers

Tom Croydon is no Columbo but he might bring a useful small town sensibility to this Manitowok County mystery. Given that Maggie Doyle has carked it though, you have to wonder if he’d be able to solve the mystery on his own.



Which fictional TV detective do you think is best equipped to clear Steven Avery’s name? Leave a comment below…


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