Who is Luongo when he’s at home?

I think everyone has been debating whether or not to give a toss about the 2015 Asian Cup. My care factor was dangerously low as I headed to… ‘Rectangular Stadium’ (really? that’s the best the marketers could come up with?) to see the Socceroos take on the might of… Kuwait (comic pause unwarranted, they actually lead Australia head to head). BUT in case you missed it, we won 4-1. We’ve got one hand on the Asian Cup. I recognise it’s time to start getting excited, I just don’t recognise half the team!

I wasn’t the only one at the game tonight who needs a post World Cup Socceroos refresher course. When the ground announcer went through the line up before the game, the player’s names weren’t met with the same appreciative cheer I heard at Stamford Bridge last year when I saw Chelsea introduced to their fans. The sound at Rectangular stadium following each Socceroo player’s name was more like ‘oh’, ‘mmm hmm’ and ‘who’? Until of course Mark Bresciano’s name was read out and an almighty cheer went around the ground. We all rejoiced – ‘someone we know!’

It’s not that the crowd wasn’t attentive. They certainly recognised Tony Abbott. He was booed more than all the Kuwait players combined when he came out to shake the player’s hands before kick off. The poor bastard. Not even Stephen Milne cops it that bad. When I saw Tony I knew what to do.

I certainly have some work to do on this new look Socceroos squad though. Who is Luongo? I’ve never heard of him before. The guy delivered a goal to Tim Cahill on a silver platter in the first half. And then took one off him when he popped up in front of Timmy to score a header himself and give us the lead. He’s the kind of guy I need to get to know better.

It doesn’t end there for me though because I bought a series ticket for this Asian Cup (it worked out cheaper). Not only do I need to learn the Socceroos squad, I need to figure who else is playing in this tourney from some of the other countries. Imagine how boring Iran v Bahrain is going to be for me on Sunday night if I don’t know any trivial facts about the players. How will I know who to cheer and who to sledge? God, I hope Tony Abbott is there again…

How excited are you about the Asian Cup and did you know this Luongo bloke? Be honest, leave a comment below…


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