Who is the blonde judge on My Kitchen Rules?

One question nagging away at viewers this season is ‘Who is the blonde judge on My Kitchen Rules’ ? We know Pete and Manu. We’ve come to know Colin, Karen and Guy but who is this blonde judge that just keeps hanging around? If you have any idea, please let us know.

Kate and I are  struggling from MKR burnout this week. It’s been an awfully long season. We had the air conditioner going when this series started and now we’re sitting in front of the heater. Imagine how many subliminal Finish Powerball commercials we’ve been subjected to or how many times we’ve had to endure one of the contestants referring to their ‘food dream’… It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Are you suffering MKR burnout like us, or are you still loving every minute? Leave us a comment below…


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