World Cup Cricket 2015 what is the MCG DJ trying to tell us?

There were two big surprises for the 84,336 people that turned up at the MCG today to see the opening game of the World Cup Cricket 2015.

1. 84,336 people turned up
2. The MCG house DJ made some bizarre song selections.

Not since my Uncle Rob was asked to DJ my sister’s wedding have I heard such a diverse and inappropriate collection of songs. I’ve become accustomed to hearing the DJ blast a few bars of a song when a four or a six is hit in limited overs cricket these days but tonight the song choices, which varied from The Who to Taxi Ride, were bizarre. What was Kylie’s ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ doing in there? Perhaps it’s a coded message? Is the DJ trying to tell us something?

Let’s just imagine for the purposes of this article it was Havana Brown DJ’ing tonight (she always seems to DJ these major events) and she was trying to send us a message. What can we learn from the songs she served up? Let’s look at some of her selections in greater depth:

Get Set – Taxi Ride
A song that we all loved in the 1999 and revisit about four years or so. An allegory for the state of limited overs cricket in our contemporary world?

I Want It All – Queen

A portrait of the Michael Clarke injury saga? Despite a dodgey hamstring and only a score of 51 in Western Suburbs club grade cricket to show as proof he is fit, Clarke is still demanding he be picked.

Happy – Pharrell Williams

It is always sweet to dominate England and they make it that much sweeter by turning up in fancy dress. Pharrell may well have written this song from the point of view of an Aussie sports fan taunting a middle aged English man dressed as Big Ben after a 111 run defeat.

I Should Be So Lucky – Kylie Minogue

Could it be a reference to Shane Watson’s continued selection in spite of his woeful form (and popularity)? Or could it be a comment on Ian Healy, who despite annoying the crap out of everyone continues to get a gig on Channel 9’s coverage?

How Sweet It Is – James Taylor

Actually, this song wasn’t played tonight. Not even when English batsman James Taylor bought up his half century. I’m at a loss to explain how this could not have happened? Was it too obvious for DJ Havana Brown? How did she exercise such restraint?

Other songs on rotation tonight included Long Way To The Top, Let Me Entertain You, Throw Your Arms around Me and The Prodigy’s Psychosomatic.

What other hints do you think DJ Havana Brown was sending us at the MCG tonight ahead of the Cricket World Cup 2015? Leave a comment below


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