$10 pit stop at Yarra Bike Trail repair van

I bought a bike on the weekend for $400 on Ebay sight unseen and this morning was it’s maiden voyage. Just as I feared, there were a few worries. The back tyre was flat, the chain was dragging against something and the handlebars were crooked. I wondered if I would even make it to the city as I rode along the Yarra bike trail… and then I met a guy named Doug. Doug has a mobile repair van under the bridge at punt road. One 4.2 minute pit stop later, I was flying. You have to try out a pit stop with Doug at the Yarra Bike Trail Repair Van. It costs $10 and for a brief moment you feel like an F1 driver.

My pit stop this morning went very smoothly. I jumped off the bike and explained the problem to Doug (team radio service not available). He quickly hoisted the bike up on a bike rack and diagnosed the problem. Some adjustments to the gear tension was needed. In no time the rattle was gone.

Next – there was an issue with tyre pressure. Tyre pressure is crucial for bikes, just as it is in Formula 1. We agreed that it was too low – 35 psi was not the right number. We went to 60 psi and that felt a lot better. ‘This is exactly how the relationship between pilot and pit manager should work’ I thought. Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel and could learn a lot from me and Doug.

Finally we straightened up the front handle bars because they were a little loose. Doug got me to line them up before he fastened them in place with an Allen key. ‘You get it right’ he said, ‘because you’re the one whose got to live with it once we lock it in place.’

At that moment, the old bloke in lycra that I had passed earlier rode by. I was anxious to get back on the bike path but Doug insisted the chain still needed to be oiled. That’s Doug for you. He’s so thorough. He’s like Robert Duvall’s character in Days Of Thunder and I guess I’m a little like Col Trickle…

It’s a long way from pit lane at the Monaco GP but if your bike needs attention, and you have a minor fantasy about being an F1 driver, do a $10 pitstop with Doug.

Mobile Bicycle Service and Repairs – weekdays 7-9am, and 3-8pm. On the yarra bike trail as it crosses Punt rd (non sponsored endorsement. I forked out $10!


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