Zana MKR joins villain hall of fame

2 Comments 07 February 2016

zana MKR


The My Kitchen Rules editors have left some subtle clues as to who the villain for the 2016 season will be. Like the great MKR villains before her, Zana is a face contortionist, seems to possess a dislike for most food and cannot resist big noting herself at every opportunity.

She was right about one thing though, it is important to wash each individual piece of lettuce. If we’d all done that, perhaps we wouldn’t have had the salmonella outbreak in Victoria. Although, we reckon, we’d happily eat salmonella lettuce leaves if it got us out of sitting around the table with Zana.

‘If you’ve watched any of these shows before you should know – don’t go hard early. Be really complimentary to everyone.’

The Cougar

We’re not here to judge Cheryl and Matt but enough with the sexual innuendo already. If you’re a couple, we’re gonna assume you sleep together so you don’t need to remind us of it every five minutes.

What do you think of the MKR 2016 contestants so far? Leave a comment below…

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2 Comments so far

  1. Maree Capuano says:

    I actually have warmed to Zana recently. I think as far as flat out nasty goes Lauren takes the cake. If you watch her face during elimination rounds whenever something goes wrong for one of the competing teams a big smug smile comes onto her face. If she could put her money where her mouth is as far as their cooking goes you could handle it better. But they have bombed more times than succeeded. Yet she still thinks they are the best team in the competition. I am sick of all her ghetto talk and hand gestures too. I think she is definitely living in the wrong country if she thinks this is a good look. Frankly I would rather see Zana and Gianni win this year than see Carmen and Lauren make it to the finals. Those two have to go.

    • Jeff says:

      Yes, I agree with you actually. I’d rather hang out with Zana than Lauren. May her soufflé sink like the Titanic

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